New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Mercedes-AMG’s new GLC 63 S enters the ring with one of Porsche’s hardest-hitting SUVs: the Macan Turbo...

Infotainment systems

Mercedes-AMG GLC

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

As standard, the GLC comes with Mercedes’ Comand infotainment system. The 8.4in screen is of a higher resolution than the Macan’s, but the menus aren’t particularly easy to fathom; some simple tasks take longer than they should to complete. Still, you get satellite navigation, a DAB radio, internet access and a 590W, 13-speaker Burmester stereo. The latter, with its ornate speaker grilles, not only sounds great but looks good, too.

New Mercedes-AMG GLC vs Porsche Macan

Sat-nav, Bluetooth, a DAB radio, a USB connection, a 7.0in colour touchscreen and a Bose 665W, 14-speaker sound system are all standard. Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring is available, so you can control your iPhone via the screen, but Android Auto isn’t. The touchscreen itself is clear and has useful physical shortcut buttons. Commands are processed reasonably quickly, although some of the menus can be a bit confusing.

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