New Seat Ibiza vs used Audi A1 Sportback: which is best?

The latest Seat Ibiza is one of our favourite small cars, but does buying a new one make more sense than seeking out a barely used Audi A1 for the same money?

Words By Mark Pearson

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New Seat Ibiza vs used Audi A1 – alternatives

In our opinion, the Ibiza is without peer in the small car class at the moment, but potential rivals include the excellent Skoda Fabia and the evergreen Ford Fiesta. The Fabia is a fine car – good to drive and comfortable to ride in – although it’s not as spacious as the Ibiza. The latest Fiesta is superb to drive, smart inside and well equipped. It’s still one of the very best small cars, and it runs the Ibiza very close indeed.

For around the same money as our A1, you could seek out several cars of a similar age from the class above, the family car class, including the Ibiza’s bigger brother, the Leon, or the Fiesta’s sibling, the Focus. From the small car class, you might want to consider a Mini hatchback, which is great fun and good to drive, or the sensible but highly capable Volkswagen Polo, one of the Ibiza’s other siblings.

New Seat Ibiza vs used Audi A1 – which is best?

This is a remarkably close affair, with both cars having plenty in their favour. The Ibiza scores for being better to drive, more spacious and more practical, and it should also be cheaper to run. It feels slightly more modern than the A1, too.

We wouldn’t blame you a jot, though, if you chose to buy a used Audi A1. True, the only areas in which we’d probably choose it over the Ibiza are interior quality, where it trumps the Seat comprehensively and makes the little Audi a very nice place in which to spend time, and outright performance from its larger (and more thirsty) engine. However, you would also be buying a premium badge, and the potentially higher residual values that might go with it.

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