New Toyota Yaris GR revealed: price, spec and release date

Four-wheel drive hot hatch is part rally car and part small hatchback - the combination is likely to provide plenty of fun...

Toyota Yaris GR
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Claire Evans
17 Jan 2020 17:20

On sale: September | Price from: £30,000 (est)

Developed in conjunction with Toyota Gazoo Racing (hence the initials) and Tommi Makinen Racing, the Toyota Yaris GR is the Japanese car maker’s hot-hatch rival to the Ford Fiesta ST and Honda Civic Type R

The rally-inspired Yaris GR is the official homologation model for the next Yaris World Rally Championship car. It’s the brand’s second GR model, following on from the Supra GR.

Toyota Yaris GR

This range-topping Yaris is kitted out with a new 1.6-litre turbocharged three-cylinder engine that produces 257bhp. That’s more than twice the output of the most powerful mainstream Yaris engine, the 1.5 VVT-i, and enough oomph for it to complete the 0-62mph dash in 5.5sec, outpacing the Fiesta ST by a clear second. 

A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, along with a sophisticated new suspension system and an advanced four-wheel drive setup. The latter has three different modes to suit the driving conditions: Normal mode splits the power balance 60:40 between the front and rear wheels, Sport mode shifts the majority of the power to the rear wheels, and Track mode distributes the power equally between the front and rear wheels. The power split in all modes is automatically adjusted in response to the way the car is driven and the road conditions.  

Toyota Yaris GR

The engineers and designers have concentrated on three areas: aerodynamics, weight and weight distribution, with a view to enhancing the Yaris GR’s performance. As a result, it has a lower roofline than the standard model, its engine is positioned further back towards the centre of the car and its battery has been relegated to the boot. 

The GR is only offered in three-door form and its bodyshell is made of lightweight materials that include carbon fibre, with its bonnet, doors and tailgate constructed from aluminium to reduce weight. On the outside, a wider front grille (emblazoned with a GR badge) and beefier rear wheel arches help the hot Yaris stand out. 

Toyota Yaris GR

Although the Yaris GR is similar in size to the Fiesta ST, Toyota believes the GR sits closer to the Honda Civic Type R for performance and character, and it could cost around £30,000. We’ll have to wait until we drive the GR to find out if its added potency makes it worth an extra £10,000 over the Ford.   

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