New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

Small hatchbacks with electrified powertrains are cheap to run and produce little pollution – ideal if you mostly drive in town. But should you go for a Toyota Yaris Hybrid or a fully electric R...

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16 December 2016

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

Our verdict

Until the charging infrastructure improves and advances in battery technology afford longer driving ranges, electric car ownership will always demand compromises. However, unless you’re forever tearing up and down the motorway – unlikely if you’re considering a small car anyway – there’s a good chance that this latest Zoe will fit neatly into your life.

Yes, the Yaris Hybrid will deal far more easily with trips to see family at the other end of the country, but in most other respects it’s outclassed. The Zoe’s smoother, quieter powertrain, bigger boot, better infotainment system and lower ownership costs – no matter how you’re buying – make it the much better all-rounder.

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1st – Renault Zoe

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

For Much quieter; cheaper to buy and run; better infotainment system

Against You’ll need another car for family holidays; cheap-feeling interior; no AEB

Rated 5 out of 5

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2nd – Toyota Yaris Hybrid

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid vs Renault Zoe

For No range anxiety; Congestion Charge exempt (if on 15in alloys); standard AEB

Against Noisy engine; much smaller boot; so-so fuel economy on faster roads

Rated 3 out of 5

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Also consider:

Specifications: Renault Zoe R90 ZE40 Dynamique Nav

Engine Electric motor

Battery capacity 41kWh

Charging time 2hr 40min (from 43kW or 22kW charger)

List price £22,670

Target Price £13,231

Power 87bhp

Torque 162lb ft

Gearbox Single-speed automatic

0-60mph 12.9sec

Top speed 84mph

Claimed real-world range 174 miles

Real-world test range 138 miles

CO2 emissions 0g/km

Specifications: Toyota Yaris Hybrid 1.5 VVT-i Excel Nav

Engine size 4cyl, 1497cc, petrol + electric motor

List price £19,545

Target Price £18,289

Power 98bhp (combined)

Torque 82lb ft (petrol), 125lb ft (electric)

Gearbox CVT automatic

0-60mph 12.7sec

Top speed 103mph

Claimed fuel economy 85.6mpg

True MPG 49.2mpg

CO2 emissions 75g/km


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