New Volkswagen T-Roc vs Audi Q2 vs Mini Countryman

Volkswagen’s new T-Roc could shake up the small SUV class – but only if it can beat the Audi Q2 and Mini Countryman...

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17 February 2017

New Volkswagen T-Roc vs Audi Q2 vs Mini Countryman
Audi Q2 interior

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

All of our SUVs get height and reach-adjustable steering wheels and a decent amount of movement in their seats, but none gets adjustable lumbar support as standard. At least it’s an affordable (£250) option in the Q2, but you can only get it with a leather seat upgrade on the T-Roc and Countryman. That’s an extra £1300 in the Countryman’s case and an eye-watering £1830 in the T-Roc.

Our Countryman came fitted with posh Lounge leather sports seats (£1625), and they’re comfortable for most body shapes, although the adjustable under-thigh support doesn’t retract in far enough for those with shorter legs, leading to discomfort on longer trips.

New Volkswagen T-Roc vs Audi Q2 vs Mini Countryman

Still, we have no complaints about the Countryman’s build quality. There’s lots of soft plastic and real metal switches, while cheaper materials are well hidden. It’s just a shame the retro-inspired layout is needlessly confusing in places. The Q2 may not look quite as snazzy inside, but the overall level of quality is just as high and the layout is much easier to use.

The T-Roc gets the wooden spoon here. Yes, you can get some colourful trim on the dashboard (£280), but the plastics used are what you’d expect to find in a £10,000 city car, not a £30,000 SUV. There are no soft-touch materials anywhere and the doors have only a tiny amount of fabric for your elbows. It’s a real shame, because the dashboard layout is just as logical as the Q2’s.

New Volkswagen T-Roc vs Audi Q2 vs Mini Countryman

On the plus side, the T-Roc is the only one of our trio with digital instrument dials that are able to show a variety of information clearly and concisely. Mind you, the Q2 can be equipped with Audi’s comparable Virtual Cockpit (£1595 as part of a Technology Pack), which is even clearer.

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