New Volkswagen Tiguan vs used Range Rover Evoque: which is best?

Volkswagen wants its latest Tiguan to be seen as an upmarket SUV pick. But can it pass muster against a used Range Rover Evoque for the same price?

Words By Alex Robbins

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New Volkswagen Tiguan vs used Range Rover Evoque – alternatives

If it’s a new car you’re looking at, alternatives to the Volkswagen Tiguan include the excellent Volvo XC40, our Car of the Year 2018, which is a little pricier but adds that special-feeling interior. You could also try the Peugeot 3008, which offers an even swisher interior than the Tiguan’s but for a lower price, or the Nissan Qashqai, which is great to drive.

If you’re prepared to buy used, by contrast, your options open up to include a welter of premium alternatives to the Range Rover Evoque. The BMW X1 is cheaper to buy than the Evoque, which means a newer, lower mileage example can be yours for the same cash. It’s more spacious in the back, too. Or go up a size – a BMW X3 of similar age to the Evoque can be yours for the same sort of cash.

New Volkswagen Tiguan vs used Range Rover Evoque – which is best?

The Evoque offers the chance to get into a properly premium SUV with the Range Rover badge for the same price as a new Volkswagen Tiguan. That will make it the only choice here for many buyers – but choose it, too, if off-road ability matters, or if you want the guaranteed traction that comes with the standard four-wheel drive.

However, if you use your car on the road all the time and can live without the fancy badge, the Tiguan is a better bet. It doesn’t feel quite as special inside, but it’s more comfortable, quieter, and more practical too. You also get a longer warranty buying new, and given the drastically lower servicing costs and better reliability score, it should be cheaper to run.

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