News round-up: Driverless cars to be trialled and C-Charge increase for diesels

* Vince Cable to announce trials for driverless cars * Set to be on the road by 2015 * Drivers of diesel cars to pay more to get into London...

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Tom Webster
30 July 2014

Driverless cars

Autonomous, or driverless, cars will be heading to the roads of the UK as early as 2015. Business secretary Vince Cable is to announce measures that will increase the amount of research carried out on self-driving cars.

Currently, driverless cars are allowed only on private roads. Other countries are already running trials, with programs running in the US and Japan, while Gothenburg in Sweden will allow 1000 autonomous Volvos on the roads by 2017. Google and several mainstream manufacturers have been perfecting autonomous technology. 

Congestion charge

Plans are being considered to charge diesel car drivers an additional £10 to enter central London. The fee would be on top of the current £11.50 charge for driving into London during the week. The plans would mean that engines which don't meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standard will be penalised, and would aim to cut the level of emsisions of nitrogen dioxide and particulates. This would also affect petrol cars built before 2006. London Mayor Boris Johnson wants to implement the new Ultra Low Emission Zone by 2020.