Nissan Qashqai with no Pre-Delivery Inspection certificate

  • Nissan Qashqai is delivered without the Pre-Delivery Inspection certificate
  • Problems with the heater and the handbrake
  • Dealer does a Post-Delivery Inspection and offers compensation of Β£400
Words ByEmma Butcher

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Rebecca Lea Bolton was dismayed when her new Nissan Qashqai was delivered by Sunwin Motors Bradford with a non-functioning heating system. She took it back to her closest dealer, Lightcliffe Nissan Halifax, which fixed the problem. However, her car was in the workshop for four weeks – and during this time she still had to make finance repayments to the tune of Β£1600.

The car subsequently needed repairs to its handbrake, and Rebecca began to fear she’d been sold a dud that would spend more time off the road than on it, so she looked through the paperwork to find the car’s Pre-Delivery Inspection certificate. It wasn’t there.

Rebecca complained, and asked Sunwin for the inspection report, but its parent company, The Co-op Motor Group, had since been bought out by Bristol Street Group, and during the sale her PDI form, along with a batch of others, had gone missing.

Rebecca’s concern was that the PDI had never been carried out and there could be something really wrong with the car, considering its recent problems.

We got in touch with Bristol Street and suggested a good way for them to keep a new customer happy would be to conduct a β€˜second’ PDI to reassure her that the car was in good nick.

Bristol Street duly put Rebecca’s Qashqai through the inspection, and gave it a clean bill of health. She’d already been offered Β£250 to soften the blow of the finance payments she’d made while not being able to drive the car, and with the help of Nissan this was increased to Β£400.

A spokesperson for Bristol Street said: β€˜While this was not an original Bristol Street incident, customer service is very important to us and we are pleased to have been able to assist.’

Rebecca was thrilled with the outcome. β€˜They took my car away, checked everything and brought it back with a bunch of flowers. So all in all, it’s finally over and I can enjoy my newish car!’

What if this happens to you?

  • Don’t accept a new car unless its service history has been stamped, showing that a PDI inspection has been carried out.
  • If for any reason the PDI report is missing, ask for a copy.
  • If no copy can be provided, ask for a post-delivery inspection to be carried out before you drive the car.

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