Our cars: Jaguar XF fuel economy

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Our cars: Jaguar XF fuel economy

Car tested: Jaguar XF 2.7D V6 Luxury
List price: 33,900
Target price: 32,891
Run by: Roger Stansfield
Tested for: 6 weeks/2700 miles

A routine week for our Jaguar XF goes something like this: commute to the office three days, spend another two sat in an airport car park while I'm away somewhere, and then record anything up to 500 miles over a weekend. The result is that it has accumulated 2700 miles in just six weeks.

I've been delighted to find that, even though it's not thoroughly loosened up yet, it can cover the best part of 500 miles on its 15.3-gallon tank before the low-fuel warning light flashes.

The official economy figure is 37.6mpg, and I'll be hoping to get somewhere close to that on my weekend jaunts when the car has a few more miles behind it.

At the moment, my best return on a tankful has been 31.9mpg, with a worst of 24.0 during a two-week period when the car seemed to spend most of its time in traffic. The overall average so far is 29.1mpg.

Just out of interest, I looked back to see how the Jaguar XJ diesel I ran three years ago fared over its first 3000 miles. It's powered by the same 2.7-litre V6 engine as the XF, but weighs 160 kilos less because it's made of aluminium rather than steel.

It proved to be marginally more thirsty although only by a fraction at 29.7mpg. Still, with an 18.7 gallon tank it did have a longer range between garage forecourts. Range is one of the big attractions of diesel cars, in my opinion.

As colleagues with thirstier petrol cars have found out, there's nothing worse than having to stop to refuel when you're just trying to get somewhere.