Our cars: Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i10

Read the latest updates on the What Car? long-term test fleet. We find a nine year-old Honda with a smoother engine than our Golf, and Hyundai changes its i10 options list...

Our cars: Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i10

Every day, we take a look at a few of the cars that we are living with. Today, it's the turn of the Volkswagen Golf and Hyundai i10.

Volkswagen Golf

I had to get from London to Dundee this week, and I figured a Golf would be pretty much the ideal way to do it, so begged the keys from regular keeper Rob Keenan.

I still think I was right to choose a Golf – but perhaps not this Golf, because I was a bit disappointed by it overall.

I was hoping for something quiet and comfortable that wouldn’t drink much diesel, but it wasn’t. The 1.6 diesel engine is a raucous thing at low and medium speeds, and it makes a constant drone on the motorway. The fact it’s linked to a five-speed gearbox instead of a six-speeder could be something to do with this.

Indeed, my father has an 05-plate 102,000-mile Honda Accord, and the engine in this is far smoother and quieter than the one in our Golf.

The fairly small 50-litre fuel tank meant range wasn’t that great either. I’d covered 468 miles and the range-to-empty said I had only 65 to go, although at least it was relatively inexpensive to fill.

Finally, the driver’s seat made my backside numb on both legs of the trip. I had to alternately sit bolt upright for a while, then resort to a teenager-style slouch simply to get some feeling back into it.

The upsides were that the interior has plenty of space in it, and the ride was certainly comfortable when I picked up an injured relative from hospital.

Nevertheless, if I have to make the same trip in the future, I think I’ll try to borrow the keys to our long-term Nissan Qashqai instead.

By Euan Doig

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In the car park

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