Our top 10 favourite videos | What Car?

As we launch our new video series - What Car? Uncut - we revisit some of our favourite videos from the past few years...

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Darren Moss
07 June 2016

Our top 10 favourite videos | What Car?

Today we're launching a new series of videos called What Car? Uncut. They're designed to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the UKs biggest car buying brand, and you can find our first video right here.

Over the years, What Car?'s video channel on Youtube has brought you long-term test verdicts, group tests, first looks, Reader Test Team clinics and the most in-depth car reviews around. We've collected together our favourite videos from the past few years below.

10 - Suzuki Swift long-term test review

The Suzuki Swift Sport was a popular member of the What Car? long-term test fleet. It represents unbelievable value for money, comes loaded with safety and convenience technology, and is also great to drive. So how did we get on? What Car?'s former consumer editor Emma Butcher reports.

9 - Volkswagen Polo review

If you're after a truly classy supermini, then the Volkswagen Polo should be on your shortlist. Watch our video review to find out why you should choose the Polo over rivals such as the Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa.

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8 - What Car? tyre tests - should you pay more for premium rubber?

Tyres - they're all the same, right? To find out, What Car? pitched six sets of tyres against each other in a series of tests. Would the more expensive, premium tyres win over the cheaper rubber?

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7 - What Car? Readers preview the Land Rover Discovery Sport

In 2014, the much loved Land Rover Freelander was replaced by the new Discovery Sport. In a world exclusive, we invited a group of What Car? readers to come and see the new car. Would they be swayed by the new car's styling, practicality and luxury interior?

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6 - The futuristic Renault DeZir concept car

Although Renault now has its own fully-electric car in the form of the Renault Zoe, back in 2010 the French manufacturer was just starting out on its journey towards zero emissions. To kick things off, Renault unveiled the DeZir, a concept car which showed the French manufacturer's vision for electric motoring. Matt Sanger went to France to try it out.