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We review the car-related news in today's papers.

Car industry switches to survival mode
The UK car industry is bracing itself for an even worse 2009 after sales fell 11% in 2008, reports The Guardian. The paper quotes the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders' chief executive, Paul Everitt, as saying the industry is in 'survival mode' and that 2009 will bring further reductions in new registrations and vehicle production. However, the paper does note that 2008 saw Smart report a growth in sales of 43%, while Jaguar recorded an increase of more than 8% - mainly due to the launch of its XF model.
The Guardian

Plunging profits for 2009
The Daily Telegraph covers a survey of 200 car industry executives, which reveals a quarter of them believe their business will go into decline between 2009 and 2013. The survey by KPMG also revealed that 77% of executives drew attention to the greater risk of manufacturers going bust.
The Daily Telegraph

Car makers plead for cash as bail-out look less likely
The Times reports that car industry bosses are asking banks to give them money after doubts grew over hopes of a Government bail-out. The paper says that industry figures also believe the Government needs to act quickly to avoid a complete loss of confidence in the motor industry, as was experienced by the financial sector.
The Times

Parking meter that calls the police
Parking meters that alert police and traffic wardens to cars which overstay their time allowance are to be introduced to the UK, according to The Times. The meters, currently being used in France, use a magnetic field to detect the presence of a vehicle, then sends a text to the police control room if the car exceeds the permitted time. Traffic wardens can then be dispatched to the scene of crime.
The Times

Loophole lets Jordan escape speeding charge
Katie Price, otherwise known as Jordan, is the latest celebrity to escape a speeding charge through a legal technicality, according to the Daily Mail. The glamour model and author was accused of breaking a 30mph speed limit in Brighton. Price's legal team managed to have the prosecution's evidence made inadmissible due to an administrative mistake made by the Crown Prosecution Service.
Daily Mail

Bruno takes speeding ban on the chin
Frank Bruno has been banned from driving after being caught speeding, according to The Daily Telegraph. The former boxing champion was disqualified for six months after admitting to driving at 53mph in a 30mph zone. The offence took place in Milton Keynes.
Daily Mail

Crude oil suffers biggest fall in seven years
The Times reports that crude oil prices yesterday suffered their largest daily fall in seven years. The price fell after it emerged that the US had more supplies stockpiled than originally thought. At the end of trading, the price had fallen $5.95 to close at $42.63 a barrel.
The Times

Princess B's Beemer nicked
Princess Beatrice's BMW has been stolen, according to The Sun. The car was stolen while Prince Andrew's daughter, Beatrice, popped into a shop leaving the keys in the car's ignition. Her protection officer was unable to help, as he'd accompanied Bea into the store.
The Sun

Car left untouched for 59 years
Police searching the home of an eccentric loner, who died in his rubbish-strewn house, have found a car in his garage that has been left untouched and unused since 1950. The car's make and model is not reported.
The Daily Telegraph