What the papers say: November 14

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What car-related news is making the national press today? Find out here with our daily review.

Car glut forces 2000 price cuts
What Car? Group Editor Steve Fowler makes the lead story in The Daily Telegraph, as it is revealed that car buyers are enjoying record discounts, with dealers cutting nearly 2000 from the price of the average new vehicle. The paper also says that What Car? has found some new models are being sold at 45% below their list price.
The Daily Telegraph

Car industry special
The Sun's motors editor, Ken Gibson, takes an in-depth look at the state of the UK motor industry after one expert claimed it was facing depression, not recession. The piece looks at how each major UK manufacturer is coping in such troubled times.
The Sun

Mums face road rage on the school run
The Daily Mail covers a report from Honda that says almost half of mothers who drive their children to school have been sworn at, abused or even threatened with violence. The report claims other drivers believe the mums drive gas-guzzling cars and clog the roads. However, the study found that 77% took two or more children to school.
Daily Mail

Our roads are rubbish 700,000 bags of the stuff
The Sun reports on litter louts who drop enough rubbish on the UK's motorways to fill 2000 bin bags every day or 700,000 a year. The shocking figures were released yesterday by the Highways Agency. The worst motorway was the M25 with around six sacks of rubbish being dumped every hour.
The Sun

Refinery projects threatened
The collapse in global fuel demand has meant that four out of five new refinery construction projects face cancellation, according to a report covered by the Financial Times. The paper also quotes an expert who believes existing refineries may cut back production, or even close.
The Financial Times

Insurers pull cover from GM and Ford
Crisis-hit US car makers Ford and General Motors have received a 'potentially devastating' vote of no confidence after three European credit insurers have removed cover from companies in their supply chain. The insurance covers suppliers against manufacturers they supply failing.
The Financial Times

Chinese car production growth
Among the economic doom and gloom, Chinese automobile sales and production showed surprising growth during October. Estimates put production growth up 10% year on year for last month.
The Financial Times

You plonker David James
Portsmouth goalkeeper David James is pictured in the Daily Mail driving a three-wheeled car home from training. James was forced to leave his 40,000 Chrysler in the car park after being voted the worst performer in the club's daily training session. Each day the players decide who should be forced to drive home in the Robin.
Daily Mail