What Car? Personal Shopper: four-wheel drive estate for less than Β£40,000

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What Car? Personal Shopper

The reader:

Dear What Car?

"I have a budget of around Β£40,000 to spend on a new car, or up to Β£450 per month. I want something with four-wheel drive, but I don't want an SUV, because I don't like their boxy shapes. Being able to connect my phone easily is important to me, too. I drive on the motorway a lot so want something comfortable on long journeys, and I need space for four adults and our camping gear, because we like to go away on the weekends."


Drives: BMW 1 Series

The brief:

  • Diesel engine
  • Easy infotainment
  • Four-wheel drive, but not an SUV
  • Plenty of space
  • Less than Β£40,000, or Β£450 per month

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