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Buying used

While there's a plethora of SUV choices on the used market for this budget, the pool shrinks considerably if you add electrification into the mix. That said, and as we've found in previous weeks, your money goes considerably further, meaning you don't have to compromise on space or luxury.

Our recommended choice: 2017 Lexus NX 300h SE CVT [Premium Nav]

Price Β£29,990 Mileage 6324

The NX is undoubtedly one of the better hybrid SUVs out there. Integration of the petrol and electric motors is very good and, with the smooth CVT automatic gearbox, acceleration is seamless. Around town, the NX’s ride is a little choppy, but on the motorway it smooths out. And if you’re gentle with the accelerator – avoiding the tendency of the engine to scream under hard acceleration – it’s quiet, too.

Inside, there’s a beautifully appointed interior that, while hampered by a fiddly infotainment system, is otherwise a pleasure to sit in and use. And the good news is that a nearly new NX can easily be had for well within your budget; the one we’ve found is just one year old with 6,000 miles, meaning it’s barely used – and because all Lexus cars come with a five-year warranty, it actually has a year more left to run of its manufacturer guarantee than the Mini.

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Also consider: 2018 Toyota C-HR 1.8 Hybrid Excel CVT

Price Β£28,491 Mileage 2474

It may be smaller and less spacious than the NX, but that means the C-HR is more nimble and easier to manoeuvre in town. What’s more, your budget will get you an almost-new example of the top-spec Excel model, which comes loaded with equipment. You also get eye-catching styling, both inside and out, and the same five-year warranty.

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Also consider: 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Price Β£29,995 Mileage 3000

Want to be able to plug your hybrid in? Then the Outlander PHEV is worth a look. Equipment levels and space are this chunky SUV’s biggest upsides; it’s a bit agricultural to drive, mind you, and not all that efficient. Even so, if you want a big, family-friendly plug-in SUV for this budget, alternative options are few and far between.

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