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Lexus NX

Our choice: buy used

While both our new and used car searches were hampered by the relatively high price of electrified SUVs, it's hard to ignore how much further your money goes in this instance by buying used.

The Mini Countryman PHEV certainly has the striking looks and space you're looking for, but the Lexus NX adds badge appeal to that too, plus an even larger boot. It's quiet around town with smooth acceleration, yet fast enough to make nipping out into fast-flowing traffic easy.

There are compromises to be made in terms of ride and handling, but we reckon your greatly diminished fuel bills compared with your older diesel SUV will make up for that. Your rear passengers will back up your choice, too, because the NX's luxurious rear seats can comfortably accommodate two tall adults. Throw in a respectable boot and we think you're on to a winner.

Our recommendation, then, is to buy used.

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