Peugeot's TT

  • Dubbed Peugeot's TT
  • Almost identical to concept car
  • From under 20k (est)
Words By What Car? Staff

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Inevitably, the RCZ has already been dubbed 'Peugeot's TT' because of its similarity in ideology if not appearance to Audi's hugely successful coup.

Peugeot is more than happy to be tarred with the same brush as Audi, but points out that the second-generation TT is a bespoke car with its own platform, whereas the RCZ is based on the underpinnings of the mid-sized 308 family car. In effect, the RCZ is moving in to fill the shoes of the first TT.

There's been a lot of work to turn the family-oriented 308 into a sports coup. The front-strut-and-rear-torsion-beam suspension has been revised; the RCZ sits 20mm closer to the road than the 308 and has a 40mm lower centre of gravity; and the wheels are much further apart on each axle by 54mm at the front and 72mm at the rear.

The dampers have also been retuned, and wheel diameters of up to 19 inches will be available. Much effort has also gone into trimming weight including the option of a carbonfibre roof and smoothing the aerodynamic profile.