BMW X6 vs Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Sport

If you're in the market for a large luxury SUV with sporting credentials then you're spoilt for choice these days. But is the BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne or Range Rover Sport best?

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BMW X6, Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport on beach

Our verdict

The Range Rover Sport remains the finest option in this class. It’s wonderfully refined, well-equipped and feels indulgent in every way that matters. Okay, so it doesn’t feel quite as sports-oriented as its rivals, but most people will find its fluid handling just as satisfying even when driving hard, and more enjoyable the rest of the time.

The BMW X6 does well, here, too. It features a strong engine and silky gearbox, and has much more serious performance than you’d expect if you’d merely looked at the on-paper stats. It grips well, too, but it’s a shame that there isn’t a bit more life to the X6’s handling. Still, there’s no doubt it fills the 'sports' role of these cars with ease. It does the SUV bit, too, in terms of its driving position and all-weather ability. In fact, both the X6 and the Porsche Cayenne will go farther off-road than you’d expect, and in more extreme conditions than any buyer is likely to try, even if the Range Rover is easily the most capable off-roader.

What proves critical to the X6 beating the Cayenne is equipment. The Porsche looks good value going by list price, but it costs much more than either rival if you add equivalent luxuries. That’s a real shame, because otherwise the Cayenne is more engaging to drive than the X6 – provided you spec
the optional adaptive dampers, of course. Add in the fussy dashboard layout and narrow interior, and the sweet-driving Cayenne becomes hard to recommend in this company.

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1st – Range Rover Sport

For Slick ride and handling; great equipment; roomy and practical

Against Not as fast as rivals, and emissions are comparatively high

Verdict An indulgent-feeling SUV that leaves you wanting for nothing

Rated 4 out of 5

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2nd – BMW X6

For Agile handling; great performance; good infotainment

Against Firm ride; poor rear view; tight rear headroom

Verdict Fast and well equipped. Shame the ride's firm

Rated 4 out of 5

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3rd – Porsche Cayenne

For Sweet handling; big boot; high-quality interior

Against Very poorly equipped; fussy dashboard layout

Verdict A good car hampered by a miserly kit list

Rated 3 out of 5

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Specifications: BMW X6 xDrive30d M Sport

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel

List price Β£56,515

Target Price Β£51,960

Power 255bhp

Torque 413lb ft

0-60mph 6.4sec

Top speed 143mph

Fuel economy 30.5mpg (True MPG)

CO2 emissions 157g/km

Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel

List price Β£53,044

Target Price Β£53,044

Power 259bhp

Torque 428lb ft

0-60mph 7.0sec

Top speed 137mph

Fuel economy 31.1mpg (True MPG)

CO2 emissions 173g/km

Specifications: Range Rover Sport SDV6 HSE

Engine size 3.0-litre diesel

List price Β£62,745

Target Price Β£62,630

Power 288bhp

Torque 443lb ft

0-60mph 7.5sec

Top speed 130mph

Fuel economy 31.5mpg (True MPG)

CO2 emissions 185g/km

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