Porsche Cayman R

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What Car? Staff
17 November 2010

Porsche marked the 60th anniversary of its debut in the US market by staging the world debut of the Cayman R at the Los Angeles motor show.

The Cayman R was described by Porsche CEO Matthias Muller as the most dynamic mid-engined Porsche ever. It remains true to the ethos of the first Porsche of 1938: light, aerodynamic and with its engine ahead of the rear axle.

Compared with the Cayman S, it has been stripped of 121lb of weight, lowered by 20mm and given an extra 10bhp now 330. Mueller says it is both quicker and more responsive than the Cayman S.
It will be a regular production model rather than a limited-run special, and goes on sale in the UK in February costing 51,731.

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