Potholes cost UK motorists millions

* Car damage could be 3 million a day * says warranty provider Warranty Direct * 100 million extra repair funding announced...

Potholes cost UK motorists millions

Motorists could be shelling out nearly 3 million a day to cover damage caused to their cars by potholes.

That's the conclusion of independent warranty provider Warranty Direct, which says average repair bills stand at 312 for suspension work and 277 on wheels and tyres.

Warranty Direct also runs the potholes.co.uk website where motorists can report damage and get contact details for the local authority responsible for the road.

While councils are, in theory, liable for the damage caused by potholes, the number of payouts from local authorities has plummeted over recent years, despite an increase in claims.

With the particularly harsh winter weather and cutbacks in council spending, the UK's roads are in a particularly poor state. The Government recently announced an extra 100 million in funding for road repairs.