Promoted: Car finance explained – how to decide what agreement is right for you

HP or PCP? Fixed or Flex? Explore your options with this video, promoted by Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus...

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31 March 2017

If you’re buying a car, choosing a finance deal can seem complicated. HP or PCP, Fixed or Flex - it’s easy to get confused by options and acronyms. But when you cut through the jargon, it’s actually pretty simple.

What Car? has teamed up with Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus to explain the main types of car finance agreement, and how you can work out which will suit your needs best. To learn more, just watch this video:

Lloyds Bank offers both Fixed Car Finance (HP) and Flex Car Finance (PCP) through Car Finance Plus, which is available to the bank’s personal current account holders.

Lloyds Bank customers can use a handy online calculator to check out and customise the personalised finance offers available to them – without the need for any credit searches.

For more videos offering advice on car buying and finance, and to learn more about Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus, click here.

Lending is subject to status. Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus is available to Personal Current Account customers of 3 months +. UK residents over 18 years old.