Promoted: Fancy a sports car? Practical tips for buying an impractical car

Get fast advice for buying a car fast with this video, promoted by Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus...

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05 May 2017

Promoted: Fancy a sports car? Practical tips for buying an impractical car

You’ve always dreamed of buying a sports car – and now you can afford one. Of course you want one: they’re fun, fast and look fantastic. They can also be hopelessly impractical.

If you make the wrong choice, the reality of modern motoring can quickly take the fun out of owning a sports car. But if you’re determined to buy one, taking the time to consider a few practical tips will make that impractical car make a little more sense.

What Car? has teamed up with Lloyds Bank Car Finance Plus to make a short video offering some quick tips. Check it out:

When shopping for a sports car, a great starting point is to consider your finance options. For example, Lloyds Bank offers both Fixed Car Finance (HP) and Flex Car Finance (PCP) through Car Finance Plus, which is available to the bank’s personal current account holders.

Lloyds Bank customers can use a handy online calculator to check out and customise the personalised finance offers available to them – without the need for any credit searches.

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