Promoted: Nissan Qashqai seven-day test – space, comfort and reliability

Tim Gow is looking for a new car that meets his high expectations. He was given the chance to spend seven days driving a Nissan Qashqai. This is how he got on...

Promoted: Nissan Qashqai seven-day test – space, comfort and reliability

The Nissan Qashqai is designed to offer plenty of space and comfort to both drivers and passengers – and that’s exactly what Tim Gow is looking for in a new car.

The Yorkshire resident, who currently drives a Honda CR-V, is in the market for a new car, and has considered everything from small SUVs to estates. While he’d never previously driven a Nissan he does have several friends who drive them, and was eager to give the Qashqai a try.

So when Nissan offered What Car? readers the chance to try a Qashqai for an extended seven-day test drive, Tim was quick to volunteer. What Car? gave him an iPad to record his honest views of the machine for a diary. The resulting video reflects his opinions.

What did Tim think? “The space inside the car was pretty good,” he said. “On a fast motorway run the car was very stable, and it’s not afraid of corners, even when the boot is full of books.

“It would absolutely fit into our lives,” he added. “You can get a lot of stuff in it, my dog likes it, and it doesn’t cost the earth to run.”

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