Promoted: Nissan X-Trail 7-day test – can it convert an SUV sceptic?

What Car? reader Zach Naylor admits that he’d never considered buying a large SUV – until he spent a week with the X-Trail...

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23 September 2016

The SUV market has grown rapidly in recent years, but many people are still sceptical of the class. What Car? reader Zach Naylor had never thought of buying such a big car – until a week driving a Nissan X-Trail changed his mind.

When Nissan offered a select group of What Car? readers the chance to try an X-Trail for a week, Zach signed up in order to find out what the fuss was about SUVs. He was asked to keep a video diary giving his honest opinions about Nissan’s seven-seater. To find out more, watch this video.

Zach was particularly impressed by the X-Trail’s interior space, and how easy it was to fold down the seats and fit his bike inside. He also praised its build-quality, drive and handling.

He admitted the seven-day test changed his perception of both SUVs and Nissan: “It really suits an active lifestyle. Before the test I wouldn’t have considered a Nissan. Having it for a week completely changed my perception of what this car could do. I’d buy one.”

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