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Promoted | 12 great accessories to protect your van

From bumps and knocks to mud and grime, your van goes through a lot. That’s why Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has some great accessories to keep your vehicle in top condition...

The heart of your business

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1

As the cornerstone of your business, your van probably spends its day working just as hard as you do. Invariably, this means it will face its fair share of bumps and scrapes throughout its life, as you manoeuvre it in tight spaces and load goods and equipment.

So, to keep your van in top working order, save you time deep-cleaning, keep up your company’s professional image and protect your van’s resale value, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles provides a range of manufacturer-approved accessories to protect the interior and exterior of your van – whether it’s the load-hauling Crafter, the versatile Transporter or the all-new compact Caddy.

All of these are custom-designed to perfectly fit Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and can be fitted professionally by a Van Centre.

With heavy-duty floor mats to seat covers to protect your van’s interior, all the way to bumper protectors and reversing sensors that help you navigate the hazards of the urban jungle, let’s find out how to keep you, your van and your gear better protected.

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Keeping your mobile office clean

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1 interior

The interior of your van is very much your workspace – your mobile office as you zip from job to job. Therefore, it’s vital to keep it clean and in perfect working order to help you complete your daily tasks in a timely and orderly fashion.

1: Waterproof seat covers

Waterproof seat covers

Protect your seats from moisture, grime and staining with tailor-made, removable and machine-washable waterproof seat covers. They’re available in Sportline trim and as a single cover for individual seats, or as a set for driver and front passenger seats.

2: Heavy-duty floor mats

Heavy-duty floor mats

It’s not just the seats that will take the brunt of the grime. The deep grooves of Volkswagen’s heavy-duty rubberised floor mats prevent liquid and dirt spilling onto the cab floor. A raised surrounding edge provides further protection, while floor-mounted attachment points ensure no slippage or movement.

3: Load trays

Volkswagen Caddy rear

If you use a passenger vehicle and want to protect the passenger and luggage area, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles provides a range of easy-to-clean, robust and acid-resistant load trays and boxes that help keep surfaces clean from muddy boots, soggy prams and grimey sports equipment.

Protecting heavily used load bays

Volkswagen Transporter 6.1

The load bay of a van is perhaps the most abused area of a commercial vehicle. So, it pays to give it some protection, as well as a few accessories that help secure and organise your loads – reducing the risk of your cargo and tools being damaged in transit, saving you time and helping you look professional by keeping things tidy.

4: Plylining kit

Volkswagen plylining kit

Line the load bay of your van with premium-grade plywood (9mm for the floor and boxed wheel arches, 6mm for the sides) for a quality look, as well as added protection from dirt, liquids and dust – with sealing on all joints.

5: Motexion moulded bulkhead

Volkswagen Motexion moulded bulkhead

Suitable for Transporter panel vans, this made-to-measure Motexion moulded bulkhead features a Perspex window for you to keep a watchful eye on your gear from the cab. It also features cab-side carpeting for added heat retention and reduced road noise.

6: Load separator

Volkswagen load separator

Regularly carry bulky items? Reduce the risk of impact from your load under heavy braking with this strong, black powder-coated tubular steel frame with wire mesh that helpfully separates the load compartment and easily fits behind the rear seats. No tools required.

7 & 8: Bumper and sill protectors

Volkswagen sill protector

When lifting heavy loads into your vehicle, you’ll want to protect your bumpers from scratching and denting. These stainless-steel protectors prevent damage to the paintwork while also providing a distinctive and stand-out look. Bumper protectors are also available in carbon fibre and black plastic.

Much like the bumpers, your door sills are susceptible to a barrage of knocks and bangs when getting you’re in and out of the cab. These sill protectors - available in stainless steel and moulded plastic - prevent against scuffs and dents, while an easy-to-fit black film alternative protects against scratches.

9: Rhino


Transporting gear on the roof of your vehicle is a useful way to take more from job to job, so Rhino provides a range of safe roof-based storage facilities for the Caddy, Crafter and Transporter such as the Safestow ladder system that makes the unloading and loading of your ladders a straight-forward and safe process with fully adjustable gas struts.

Adding an extra set of eyes

Volkswagen e-Crafter

Damage doesn’t just happen on the inside of your van. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have been designed for the very best ergonomic visibility, but vans are still big and bulky, with more than a few blind spots – especially if you’re driving an older model without the latest technology. So, avoid the concrete, steel and brick urban hazards with these easy add-on tech features.

10: Parking sensors

Volkswagen parking sensors

To prevent low-speed knocks, this set of four body-coloured bumper-integrated parking sensors measure distance through ultrasonic waves and sound an alarm as you approach a hazard. An intelligent set-up function prevents the system from wrongly recognising objects such as tow bars as obstacles. [1]

[1] Not suitable for vehicles with fixed-flange towbar

11: Rear-view camera

Volkswagen rear-view camera

Mounted to the rear door, the camera feeds an image to the interior rear-view mirror, giving a visual warning for obstacles and guidance lines for positioning. It complements the audible rear parking sensors (if fitted) and is activated by selecting reverse gear.

12: ImpactStep

Volkswagen ImpactStep

Finally, the ImpactStep by Rhino has been designed to protect your vehicle from low-speed parking and loading impacts. It can reduce the lifetime cost of ownership of your van by significantly reducing body repair costs and vehicle down-time. Independently tested, it can resist an impact of up to six tonnes. The Step has been engineered to achieve a safe failure mode to minimise any significant damage to the vehicle chassis.

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