What has racing done for you?

  • Motorsport and you
  • The future of the F1 engine
  • What has it done for you?
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Formula One as we know it began in 1950, and although it was initially a sport and is now primarily a mixture of entertainment and business, it has always handed benefits down to road cars. Here are a few of the most recent:

Paddle-shift gearbox A manual box that can be operated without a clutch pedal.

Traction and stability control Helps transmit lots of power to the road, even when its wet.

Active suspension Reduces body lean; increases cornering ability.

Carbon-ceramic brakes Superior stopping for the most powerful cars.

Two things that went the other way:

Crash tests Part of road car development for years; now even F1 cars must pass one.

Diesel power The fastest, most efficient way over 24 hours at Le Mans.

From track to road 20

Future of the F1 engine

What has racing done for you?