Ranked: Britain’s best and worst electric car charging networks

As more cars go electric, the demand for public charging points is set to increase. We find out whether the network is ready for the challenge...

There are now more than 24,000 charging points around the UK, with the capacity to charge 42,500 cars simultaneously. Image 1 of 19

But how good is Britain’s charging network? Are the chargers accessible, reliable and easy to use and do they offer value for money? To find out, we asked almost 1000 EV owners to tell us what they thought of the major charging companies. What Car? itself also travelled around England and Scotland in an Audi E-tron Sportback and a Tesla Model 3 to test the charging facilities ourselves, visiting at least one site operated by each provider.

We rated each network on the same criteria that the EV owners used and added in an ease-of-use rating that takes into account whether you have to go through a lengthy sign-up process to use a charging point or if you can simply charge up and pay. From all this data we created a unique satisfaction ratings for 12 public charging companies, enabling us to reveal the best charging networks - and the ones to avoid. We start at number 12 – and work our way up the best network in the UK.

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