Real-world MPG: estate cars that beat 54mpg

Our real-world fuel tests show you the most economical estate cars to buy right now, and all of them beat 54mpg...

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Darren Moss
25 Jul 2015 10:9 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

3. Skoda Octavia Estate Greenline III 1.6 TDI CR

Official 88.3mpg; True MPG 59.4mpg

Real-world MPG: estate cars that beat 54mpg

Skoda's stretched Octavia Estate is huge inside and offers a range of truly economical engines. Poor refinement and ride quality stop it from reaching the top of this list, but it definitely deserves a place on your estate car shortlist. Like most Skodas, it also represents great value for money.

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2. Honda Civic Tourer i-DTEC EX+

Official 72.4mpg; True MPG 61.5mpg

Real-world MPG: estate cars that beat 54mpg

The Honda Civic Tourer deserves a space on your shortlist if pure carrying space is your priority. It's got a huge boot and clever seats that fold completely flat, giving you an impressive amount of space in the rear for luggage or bulkier items. In 1.6-litre i-DTEC form, it's also the most economical estate car we've tested.

1. Seat Leon ST 1.6 SE Tech Ecomotive

Official 85.6mpg; True MPG 61.5mpg

Real-world MPG: estate cars that beat 54mpg

The Estate version of Seat's Leon hatchback is a great all-rounder - it's practical and economical, and comes with plenty of standard equipment. There's also a sports-oriented Cupra version if you want hot-hatchback levels of performance. The 1.6-litre diesel engine tested here is also the powerplant we recommend in the ST, though.

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