Recycle your car and win 100

  • Incentive to scrap your car properly
  • Scheme also rates scrapyards
  • Win 100 for leaving feedback
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A car-disposal network is offering owners of cars nearing the end of their life the chance to win 100 for scrapping their cars properly.

Many owners are still unaware that they could face prosecution and heavy fines if they don't get rid of their cars in accordance with environmental legislation, says

The website was set up to help owners understand and comply with the European Union's End-of-Life Vehicle directive, which says that when cars reach the end of their life, they must be disposed of in an environmentally sound way.

EU legislation places responsibility with the last owner of a vehicle for ensuring it is disposed of in the correct manner at an ATF, where they will be issued with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD).

To encourage drivers to scrap their cars properly, the firm is offering owners the chance to win 100 when they leave feedback on the quality of service they receive from authorised treatment facilities (ATFs) in the network.

Customers can rate the service and leave additional feedback, and then they'll be entered into a draw to win the cash.

The organisation says it's a way of monitoring the quality of its network and also enables ATFs to review the service they provide.