Renault Clio vs Volkswagen Fox

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17 November 2009

See how these old and new cars square up in the scrappage battle. Check below to see if your car qualifies for the Government's scrappage scheme.

Does your car qualify for scrappage?
The Government has set aside another 100 million for the scrappage scheme. That's enough for 100,000 cars, so get in quick. The latest the scheme can run until is February 28, 2010 and your old car must meet the following criteria:

• First registration was before February 29, 2000
• You must be the registered keeper and have owned the car for at least 12 months
• It must be taxed and have a valid MoT certificate
• There must be no outstanding finance

Name Rick Tanner Age 28
Current car 1996 Renault Clio 1.2 RL Oasis 3dr
Mileage 89,000
New car Volkswagen Fox 1.2 Urban

Rick bought the Renault Clio two years ago for his 20-mile daily commute. He doesn't want anything smaller, and is considering scrapping it for something more reliable and desirable. We suggested the Volkswagen Fox 1.2 Urban.

Modern cars have more efficient engines, but Rick's old Renault weighs a lot less than the Fox, so it's actually more economical. The Clio would also cost less to insure over the next three years.

However, the Fox would be cheaper to service (thanks to a 250 three-year servicing offer) and Rick could also save a few quid on road tax (VED) with the VW. It's much better-equipped, too.

Neither car is nippy, but the Renault has the edge on acceleration. Where the Clio really loses, though, is stopping power. It took more than 11 metres longer to brake from 70mph than the VW in our braking tests.

The RAC inspection showed faults in the Clio that would cost 483 to fix.

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