Revealed: New Honda Jazz

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Revealed: New Honda Jazz

This is the all-new Honda Jazz, which builds on the brilliant packaging of the current car, while aiming to cure its ride and refinement weaknesses.

It delivers stronger performance with improved economy and emissions from its two new engines, has more space and is even easier to use.

The 89bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine averages 55.4mpg and emits just 120g/km of CO2, while the 99bhp 1.4 is barely worse at 53.3mpg and 124g/km.

However, with the optional new semi-auto gearbox those figures improve to 54.3mpg and 120g/km. There will be no full automatic option.

The new Jazz is a fraction longer and wider than the current car, but that's enough to allow a reconfigured interior that provides considerably more space.

It also makes the ingenious double-folding rear seats easier to get up and down. You can fold the backrests down on top of the cushions or, helped by the new retractable headrests, fold the cushions up against the backrests with one hand.

There's also a rear parcel shelf that can be stashed in one of four ways to enlarge or divide the boot, again using one-hand. Genius.

Honda is especially proud of the Jazz's telescopic steering wheel, standard stability control, doors that open in three stages for easier access and improved trim quality.

The Jazz goes on sale in October and is likely to be priced at a similar level to the current car.