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What Car?'s test centre is the home of the UK's most thorough new car reviews because our road testers are the most thorough in the country.

We have our own facilities to measure, photographs and assess new cars. While our performance tests are done at the What Car? test track, using the latest satellite technology, our main assessments are done over hundreds of miles on UK roads in conditions you'll encounter day-in, day-out..

Finally, our verdicts are the result of hours of debate among What Car? experts, not the views of just one journalist. Meet them...

Pete Tullin Road test editor
Pete reckons he's tested more than 5000 cars and driven more than 560,000 miles in his 14 years as a car tester.
Leo Wilkinson Deputy road test editor
Leo's vast experience of new cars is put to good use in our comparison test each month.
Steve Huntingford Road tester
Steve's eye for detail is a vital part of our new car tests.
Ivan Aistrop Road tester
Whether it's assessing a car's practicality or testing ride quality, Ivan knows exactly what today's car buyers need.

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