Roadworks suspended to ease congestion

  • Highways Agency suspends work
  • Goal is to make Easter getaway easier
  • Agency says driver planning is also crucial
Words By Jim Holder

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An article image
An article image

The Highways Agency has pledged to do all it can to ease traffic congestion over this weekend's Easter break.

It says that it is removing almost two-thirds of roadworks from Englands motorways and major roads in time for the holidays.

As a result, 38 sets of roadworks will be completed and a further 47 will be suspended between 6am on Thursday, March 20 and midnight on Monday, March 24. Roadworks at 43 locations will remain in place, however.

The Highways Agency is also encouraging road users to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and delays by checking their route before they travel, carrying out routine safety checks and making sure their vehicle is topped up with fuel.

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