Saab owner's warranty worries

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What Car? Staff
10 Dec 2009 14:16 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Q) It seems that, unless a last-minute buyer is found, General Motors (GM) will 'wind down' Saab. How will this affect the warranties of Saabs bought in the past three years? Will GM honour the warranties? Or will it be a case of tough luck for me and other Saab owners?
Richard Evans

A) There's no need to worry. If GM does close Saab, it will have to honour existing Saab warranties. Servicing shouldn't be a problem, either, because GM will almost certainly continue to service Saabs through its Vauxhall dealers in the UK.

Unlike the situation when Rover closed in 2005, GM would be choosing to cease making Saabs, rather than becoming insolvent.