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  • Save thousands on Fords
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Words By Tom Webster

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The announcement of a new or face-lifted model can often have a positive impact on the deals you can get on the existing car, and this week we have a decent discount on a car that is due to be replaced shortly.

The Ford S-Max's replacement will be making its debut at the Paris motor show next week, but if you fancy one of the previous generation then we've found a good saving. We've also found notable reductions on other Fords, including the recently face-lifted Focus, and the ever popular Fiesta.

If Fords aren't your thing, then we've got loads more in this week's round-up, including a decent saving on the Mercedes C-Class and the Toyota RAV4.

The Ford S-Max deal is courtesy of Carfile.net, and is on the 2.0-litre TDCi in Titanium trim. You save Β£3242 and pay Β£23,203 as a result.

The saving on the Focus is slightly larger, at Β£3517. The model in question is the 1.6 105 Zetec Navigator, and, thanks to Autoebid.com, you pay Β£14,633 as a result.

The third Ford with a discount is the Fiesta, and the model in this case is the 1.0 80 in Zetec trim. Despite the smaller engine, the saving is still notable, at Β£2386, meaning the final price is Β£11,659. Check out Autoebid for more information on that one.

Elsewhere, the Mercedes C-Class is available with a decent saving on Drivethedeal.com, with a Β£3753 saving taking the price for the C220 CDI Sport down to Β£27,607.

Finally, the deal on the Toyota RAV4 on Drivethedeal.com is also worth looking at, for its Β£3802 saving. The 2.0 D-4D Invicible costs Β£22,893 as a result.

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