Seat 20V20 crossover concept revealed

Stylish SUV concept sets tone for a new seven-seater due in 2020

Words ByJim Holder

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An article image
An article image

Seat is set to launch a new seven-seat SUV by 2020. It unveiled a concept car at the Geneva motor show to give potential buyers an idea of how it will look.

Called the Seat 20V20 concept, the crossover is a four-door coupe-SUV; however, sources suggest that the sporty styling was chosen to get as big a reaction as possible at the show, and that various elements demonstrate different facets of a three-strong Seat crossover family likely to be launched in coming years.

Seat will first launch a more conventional Nissan Qashqai rival next year, with an emphasis on practicality, followed by a sportier, smaller Nissan Juke rival in 2017. If successful, a larger seven-seat crossover could then follow in 2018 at the earliest, but a 2020 date is more realistic.

What is it?

The 20V20 concept is described by Seat as a four-door sports coupe which combines elements of an SUV and a mid-sized estate car - and the underlying message behind this concept is that the production car will be both practical and sporty in its appeal, differentiating it from rivals.

The name means β€˜vision viente viente’, or 20:20 vision, and - as well as showing how a future crossover will look - the car is also said to point to the future of Seat's design language.

The show car is 43cm longer than the Seat Leon hatchback, underlining just how much bigger and more practical it is. Seat has not specified precise interior dimensions, but says the 20V20 has more than 600 litres of luggage space.

Emphasising the conceptual nature of the car displayed in Geneva, the boot also holds something called a Personal Mover. This is an electric scooter-like vehicle that can help take drivers from their parking space to their final destination.

What engines will it have?

The final production car will be sold with the familiar stable of VW Group pertrol and diesel engines, but Seat has also made a point of saying that the 20V20 is also capable of accommodating plug-in hybrid powertrains. With growing emissions pressure on all manufacturers by 2020, a plug-in hybrid option is a possibility.

When can I buy one?

Seat has yet to indicate a precise date, but it is likely that a production version of the crossover will be on sale by 2020.