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20 Mar 2008 11:12 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

The next BMW X3 compact 4x4 will be built in one of the company's own factories rather than farmed out to Magna in Austria.

The current car, the first BMW ever to be made by outsiders, has often been criticised for its mediocre build quality.

The new one will come out of the company's American plant in South Carolina, leaving space for Magna to make the forthcoming Mini Crossman 4x4.

Jaguar had almost 13,000 orders for the new XF executive saloon - our current Car of the Year - by the time it went on sale at the beginning of March. That amounts to around three months' production, even when the factory is working flat-out.

Nissan has promised that it is pursuing clean diesel engines, hybrids and electric cars as a way of reducing the carbon dioxide emissions of its product range. It says it will have electric vehicles on the roads by 2010 and commercially available by 2012.