Simon Webbe

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Simon Webbe
Age: 30
Occupation: Singer and songwriter
Phobias: Everything
Special skills: Being a strong alpha male

Ex-Blue boy band singer Simon is a hit with the ladies, so we'll be making sure our recommendation fits in with his image.

That said, he has a long-term girlfriend, so it's important that we choose a car that wins admiring glances without attracting too much attention.

However, we won't be looking for an all-out performance machine, as Simon says: I'm afraid of everything and I'm not ashamed to say it.'

What Car?'s recommendation BMW 3 Series

Why? Here's a car with plenty of image, but in a refined, luxurious way rather than a brash one. Simon's girlfriend will appreciate that, while he'll be able to feel good about the car without scaring himself silly so long as he sticks to a lower powered version.