Skoda Fabia MirrorLink problem

Skoda’s updated the Fabia’s infotainment system, but it can't be retrofitted to the earlier UK cars...

Skoda Fabia MirrorLink problem

As mobile phones get smarter, and infotainment systems rely on them more, we’re learning to expect that there will be software updates for our phones as well as our cars. 

Early adopters of the Skoda Fabia, like us, have learnt that the infotainment system fitted to their cars has been superceded on newer cars.

Here’s what you need to know and how to find out if it affects you:

What is the previous system?

On SE models of the Fabia upwards, the infotainment system incorporates MirrorLink, which allows you to mirror your smartphone’s apps on the 6.5-inch touchscreen. We’ve had some issues with it in that the menus can be sluggish and the list of compatible phones is restrictive.

So, what’s the new system?

Skoda has developed a new infotainment system called SmartLink that includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as MirrorLink. It addresses the problem of compatibility and was added to Fabia models that were built from the week commencing 25 June 2015.

What’s the problem?

Well, the new SmartLink system cannot be retrofitted to existing Fabias, so if you are the owner of a car built before the end of June, you are stuck with the MirrorLink system.

Is there a way to get SmartLink?

At the moment, no. We spoke to Skoda and have been told that it is working with suppliers to come up with a solution. It’s expected to involve a retrofit sat-nav system. There is no information at the moment on what the solution will look like or how much it will cost to be fitted.

What should I do?

The first thing to do is contact Skoda customer services. They’ll look into your case and will keep you up to date.