Skoda Kodiaq long-term test review

Skoda's first seven-seat SUV won big praise in our road test and took home our 2017 Large SUV of the year award, but how will it stand up to daily life?...

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Jim Holder
14 September 2017

Skoda Kodiaq long-term test review

The car: Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI SE L DSGRun by: Jim Holder, Editorial DirectorWhy it’s here: To evaluate our Large SUV Car of the Year class winner over 12 months, and to assess Skoda's new range-topperNeeds to: Be the consummate seven-seat SUV, delivering on practicality, comfort and frugality while justifying a price tag that puts it head-to-head with entry-level models from some premium car makers

Price £30,615 Price as tested £31,615 Miles covered 2000 Official economy 56.5mpg Test economy 43.9mpg Options fitted Children’s pack (£175), metallic paint (£555), rear seat backrest release (£90), space saver (£100), textile floor mat set (£80)

14 September 2017 – Skoda Kodiaq second report

What better way to get to know a car than to load it up with the family for a 1500-mile trip from London to Wales and then on to Killarney on the west coast of Ireland?

The first test this family holiday presented the Kodiaq with was for load space – first with the four of us and our two weeks worth of luggage, and then for a couple of days six or seven up travel as we ferried around the extended family. Although the remaining boot space is pretty paltry once the occasional rear seats are in place, it managed admirably.

Then, as we extended the mileage and took on a couple of successive days of four plus hours behind the wheel, the cabin quality and convenience fell under scrutiny. Again, the Kodiaq passed with flying colours – it is a great car to be in, both in terms of the high-quality materials and its ergonomic design, and some of the nice-to-have features such as drinks holders that grip a bottle while you undo the lid are really nice extras that make life easier – and safer – as it helps keep your focus on the road.

Skoda Kodiaq long-term test review

The journey started on motorway and then switched from B-road to windy country lanes. There’s no dynamic thrill about driving the Kodiaq, but its steering is direct and accurate, it corners well for a large SUV and – fully laden – its sometimes firm to unsettled ride is much more composed. Not even the kids were complaining after a 200-mile stint, which is about as good a recommendation as you’ll get for comfort.

The 2.0-litre diesel engine also proved its worth; even with the car at its most packed, it always had enough punch to overtake the many tractors that seem to inhabit country roads. On the motorway too it had ample reserves, making it a quiet cruiser. Economy for the whole trip was just over 44mpg, which strikes me as very reasonable given the amount of twisty roads we spent our time on seeking out the best of the coastal scenery on offer.

Skoda Kodiaq long-term test review

With just more than 2000 miles on the odometer it remains early days, but the Kodiaq passed this toughest test with flying colours. Yes, there are a few minor irritations to ponder in future reports, but none of them would cause me to hesitate in recommending the car as a comfortable cruiser that does more than rivals to make life easier.

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