Skoda Superb cleans up

* Cleaner and more efficient * New common-rail diesel engine * No price increase; costs from 18,205...

Skoda Superb cleans up

The Skoda Superb is now more efficient and cleaner, thanks to the addition of a new common-rail diesel engine.

The 140bhp 2.0-litre TDI CR DPF uses the common-rail engine to make it more efficient than the 140bhp TDI PD that it replaces.

Average fuel consumption is boosted by 4.4mpg to 52.3mpg, while CO2 emissions have been cut by 12g/km to 143g/km. The standard diesel particulate filter (DPF) ensures it's compliant with Euro V emissions regulations.

Cleaner, but won't cost more
The efficiency savings come without a premium, with the prices still starting at 18,205 the same as the outgoing engine. Available from February 18, the new model comes with a choice of manual or DSG semi-automatic transmissions, and in S, SE, or Elegance trim.