Smart forspeed concept revealed

* Two-seat electric car revealed * Roofless, no side windows and no windscreen * Charges from ordinary mains...

Smart forspeed concept revealed

This is the Smart forspeed, Smart's concept car for the Geneva motor show.

There's no roof, no side windows and the traditional windscreen has been ditched for a small wind deflector 'in the style of a classic propeller aircraft', says Smart.

The forspeed is the next step in Smart's electric concept vehicle programme, following on from the escooter concept shown at the Paris motor show last year.

The forspeed is an electric car with a 30 kW magneto-electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be charged via a standard 220-volt socket.

It has a range of 84 miles, and a quick charge (to 80% of the battery's power) takes 45 minutes. The wind deflector has solar panels, which help power the on-board electrics.

There are no door handles on the outside Smart says that an interior grip is all that's needed to open the doors .

The leather interior can be protected by a tonneau cover that is strapped to the car's body. It has a zip down the middle, so it covers the passenger seat but leaves the driver's seat open.

If the driver does get caught out in a downpour, Smart says water drainage channels in the floor ensure that the water is channelled outside.

The seats also have drainage channels and all the interior equipment has a waterproof coating.

Will it be made? Smart says it's only a design study at there are no plans to put it into production at the moment.