Smart gets performance boost

* Extra power for diesel Smart * Nearly 3.0 sec quicker from 0-60mph * Trim updates, too...

Smart gets performance boost

Smart has revealed details of performance enhancements for its diesel model, the Fortwo cdi.

The updated car produces an extra 9bhp and 15lb ft of torque, which cuts its 0-60mph time by almost three seconds. The current car takes 19.8s to get to 62mph.

Despite the power hike, the Fortwo cdi will retain its green credentials by producing just 89g/km CO2 the lowest of any internal combustion-powered car.

More Smart updates
Smart has also revealed details of upgrades to the Fortwo's Pulse and Passion trim levels.

The Pulse now comes with air-conditioning and softouch automatic transmission as standard, while Passion gets a Pioneer sat-nav and entertainment system.

In addition, all Smart cars built from October 2009 will come with black instruments and light/wiper levers, except for Passion models, which will be red or beige according to upholstery choice.

Prices for these models will start at 8517.