Smart squeezes 13 into a Fortwo

* Smart organises competition * Squeezes contortionists into car * Manages 13 people in a Fortwo...

Smart squeezes 13 into a Fortwo

The day after a man from north London was banned from driving after squeezing 13 people into his Volvo S70, Smart has managed to fit 13 bendy people into a Fortwo.

Abraham Gniwosch was given a 12-month driving ban and fined 900 after driving with 13 people in his Volvo in Wales last year.

Smart organised its event in the safer confines of Mercedes-Banz World in Surrey, where 13 contortionists squeezed into the two-seater.

'I think we exceeded the crowd's expectations of how many people we could fit inside it,' said contortionist and Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Iona Luvsandorj.