The solution

  • Middle-lane hoggers exposed
  • Costing the economy billions
  • Causing accidents, too
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Better enforcement is another option, but would require time and resources to make any real impact. Driving in lane two is not a specific offence, but could be seen as evidence of driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users, says chief inspector King.

The Crown Prosecution Service cites unnecessarily remaining in an overtaking lane as an example of inconsiderate driving, which is punishable, like careless driving, by a fine and up to nine penalty points or disqualification from driving.

The problem is that with the number of traffic police officers down, and an increasing reliance on technology to help deal with motoring offences, its unlikely that many drivers will be pulled over and prosecuted.

Jo Stagg, spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) says: Its frustrating if someones sitting in the middle lane, but try not to let it frustrate you into flashing or beeping them.

What Car? saysThe Pass Plus scheme needs to be made more appealing to encourage a much greater take-up of the course. Highways Officers are a regular sight on motorways, helping clear up accidents. Wed like to see them helping to educate drivers with illuminated signs in the back of their cars reminding people to keep left.