Spacious and practical

  • Mini Golf put to test What it's like to drive What it's like inside
Words By What Car? Staff

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Regardless of the model you specify, you'll be guaranteed a spacious and airy environment.

There's plenty of room for four people, and a large glass area ensures that everyone gets a good view out.

The seats are covered in robust fabrics and provide good support, but the pedals on the left-hand-drive cars we sampled were offset too far to the right for comfort, so it will be interesting to see how right-hand-drive versions stack up when they arrive in the UK this summer.

More encouragingly, there's a good-sized boot with a false floor that can be removed to create a surprisingly deep load hold.

When the time comes to make a trip to your local Swedish furniture store, the rear seat bases can be lifted and the seat backs folded, which will free up enough space for a couple of designer standard lamps and a brace of flat-packed bookcases.