Stopping my child undoing the buckle?

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Stopping my child undoing the buckle?

Try to involve your children when you buy the seat from the shop, explain why they have one and make a game out of doing up seatbelts whenever you set off.

If your child opens his or her buckle, pull over as soon as its safe to do so and do it up.

When can my child stop using a child seat?
The law says that children must use the correct restraint until they reach their 12th birthday or 135cm in height, so if your 12-year-old is shorter than this, they still need to use their booster seat.

This is because an adult seatbelt crosses a shorter childs body in a position that could cause internal injury in a collision.

Child seat groupsHow to get the right type for your child

What type of seat should I choose?
Child seats are officially divided into five groups 0, 0+, 1, 2 and 3 based on your childs weight, although group 2 seats are now found only as part of a combined group 2-3. In many cases, the base of group 2-3 seats can be detached to create a group 3 booster cushion when your child is ready. Its also possible to buy other seats that combine groups. You should move your child into the next group of seat only when he has reached his weight limit or if his head is higher than the top of the seat.

Group 0
(up to 10kg/9 months*)
Group 0+
(up to 13kg/15 months)
Rear-facing baby seats
The best protection for infants. Since a Group 0+ seat is designed to take babies of greater weight, this makes a good choice.

Group 1
(9-18kg/9 months to 4 years*)
Forward-facing child seats
Group 1 seats should come with a built-in harness to offer maximum protection for the child it is holding. Remember to keep an eye on your child's weight and move up to the next group when required.

Group 2-3
(15-36kg/4-11 years*)
Booster seats
Its no longer possible to buy group-2-only seats. Group 2-3 seats often convert from a full seat into a booster cushion for use when your child is about 22kg or aged six.

Group 3
(22-36kg/6-11 years*)
Booster cushions
Booster cushions ensure that the child is sitting at the correct position to safely use the cars adult seatbelt.