Subaru BRZ STI

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John McIlroy
17 November 2011

No, Subaru's rear-drive coupe is not the final production version of its half of the joint venture with Toyota. It's yet another concept car designed to show how a hardcore version of the car could look but the production version is very close to this, allegedly.

This is also the first time that Subaru has shown a BRZ in the 'metal'; its previous concepts have been made from transparent plastic. The concept is badged STI, a sign that Subaru's famous tuning division responsible for many a hot Impreza over the years is likely to be involved in the more potent version of the coupe, which will probably have around 200bhp in regular form.

It has been rumoured that the STI variant could get a turbo and up to 300bhp, but it's likely to stay rear-wheel drive.

The BRZ has dramatic looks, although it's not as pretty as the original Toyota FT-86 concept that started the whole process off a few years ago. At least we won't have to wait long to see the production version of the Subaru; it's due, along with a sister Toyota, at the Tokyo show next month.