Super-fast estate

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Super-fast estate
Name: Steve Bol
Age: 55
Drives: Volvo V70 R
Budget: 35,000
Wants: 'A seriously quick estate car.

My Volvo is pretty nippy, but I want something even faster. A 0-62mph time of less than five seconds would be great.'

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Audi S4 Avant 3.0 V6
Price: 35,595
Target Price: 34,005

0-62mph takes a shade over five seconds, but the S4 is Steve's best bet if he wants to buy new.

Despite storming performance, the Audi manages a respectable 28.5mpg and is very plush inside.

Chrysler 300C Touring 6.1 V8 SRT-8, '08/58
Price: 23,500

We wouldn't recommend buying one of these new, but because they shed value so quickly, a six-month-old car would save Steve more than 10k.

Some of that cash could pay for the hefty fuel bills.

Audi RS4 Avant, '07/07
Price: 34,000

This previous-shape A4 is arguably a better car than the current one. The RS4 version is a cracker it looks the part and will hit 62mph from rest in 4.9 seconds.

It should hang on to its value well, too.