SUVs: Citroen - Dacia

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30 Dec 2011 00:01 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 00:03

Citron C4 Aircross
What is it? SUV based on Mitsubishi ASX
Price from 18,000 (est)
On sale Spring

Citroen has taken its time to launch a rival to the Qashqai and Kuga, but its C4 Aircross will plug that gap in the range in late spring.

Its based on the Mitsubishi ASX, but gets Citrons own 1.6-litre, 110bhp diesel engine. Front- and four-wheel drive will be offered.

The C4 Aircross is longer than a VW Tiguan, and roughly the same width. Its boot is smaller than the VWs (442 litres compared with 470) but a full 80 litres larger than a Kugas.

No prices have been announced, but wed expect entry-level editions to start at 18,000.

Dacia Duster
What is it? Compact SUV with supermini pricing
Price from 10,000 (est)
On sale Winter

Well get our first UK specs and prices for the Dacia Duster before the end of this year. Its a no-frills SUV that promises vast space for the cash, and will be built in India by Renaults Romanian budget sub-division (confusing, we know).

Itll be available with a range of diesel engines (expect 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre units) and will get revised styling and a slightly more premium cabin than the version thats proved a hit in continental Europe for over a year.

The biggest story is likely to be the pricing; sources have hinted that the Duster a Nissan Qashqai-sized car, remember will start at just under 10k. Thats nothing short of incredible.